Terms Of Service:

By using or booking our services you have agreed to our terms and conditions of trading, although Just Do My Windows always try to be fair to clients, we have set these simple terms and conditions below to protect us as a business, we ask you to read and respect them whilst using our services:

1: All our work is offered with a 100% guarantee, but if you are not happy with the quality of your cleaning please contact us within 24 hours, and we will return to clean the affected window without charge (our 100% guarantee does not cover Velux windows or window sills).

2: Our night before text service is not provided as a point to cancel service, as we have only limited spaces on our round per day, we cannot accept cancellation the night before your clean as this can have a costly effect on our business.

3: You agree that Just Do My Windows will provide an all year round service 12 months of the year. All window cleaning is on a four weekly basis agreed upon at initial consultation, (other frequencies are available for commercial customers). Our minimum contract is 3 cleans.

We do not offer a jump on jump off service. (IE: “not this time or see you in the spring.”)

4: If you wish to postpone or terminate our services, you must provide at least twenty-eight (28) days written notice before the next scheduled date. Failure to do so will result in a 100% charge for any work scheduled within this period, this allows us time to fill your slot on the round.

5: We will not accept any doorstep cancellation or deferment of service and will apply a charge of £8.00 to defray cost of arriving.

6: due to many people not wanting to pay the one off clean prices we quote, Just Do My Windows Has the rights to charge a one off clean price if you cancel after your first or second clean. The cost of a one off clean starts from £25 depending on property size. So if you cancel after your second clean that will be £25 per job, equalling to £50 for 2 jobs.

7: Please keep pets inside on the day of your clean and please clear up after your dog. We may be unable to clean all of your windows if there is excessive dog mess in your garden, however the regular cleaning price will still be charged.

8: Should we be unable to access any part of your property/premises due to locked gates etc., we will only clean the accessible areas, such as front or side/s. This will be charged at your normal clean price. We will be unable to return to clean the restricted area until the next scheduled clean. To avoid this, please ensure safe access is available.

9: Just Do My Windows will clean your windows in most weather conditions to continue a regular service to our clients, in the event of heavy rain, snow or hard frost we will clean your windows at the next time slot we have available. We do not work in very strong winds or electrical storms as this would be unsafe for us, our pure water systems work in all weathers therefore weather conditions are not an acceptable reason for postponing our services. We will clean your home or premises in all conditions without affecting quality.

10: Payment is to be made within 7 days of your property being cleaned. If for any reason the customer defaults on a payment, Just Do My Windows retains the right to seek payment by legal means. All costs will be payable by the defaulting customer. Payment may not be with-held as a means of negotiation regarding a conflict between parties.

11: If we need to enter your neighbour’s property to be able to reach/clean some of your windows, We would ask you to please seek their permission beforehand.

12: Just Do My Windows will not be held responsible for any damage made prior to cleaning of glass.

13: We will inform you were possible of such damage prior to commencing cleaning.

We do not accept liability for damage caused by decorative or structural defects or conditions at your property/premises, such as, but not limited to, ill-fitting windows, doors, fascia’s, guttering, window / conservatory trims, window vents, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals, water entering your property, decorative bars stuck on glass, rotting frames, flaking paint, open/broken trickle vents, we accept no liability for decorative bars or vents coming loose or falling from the exterior of the glass. If these bars/ vents are correctly installed, our brushes will not damage them in any way.

Just Do My Windows will apply these terms in a fair-minded and reasonable manner.